Headboards & Accessories

Style your ComfiMotion

Luxurious adjustable bed collection for an enhanced sleeping experience.
We believe that creating a supportive and luxurious sleep environment can significantly improve health and wellbeing.

Our ComfiMotion Collection is designed to blend seamlessly into the home environment, whilst improving comfort and independence.



Bed Rail

Improves bed edge awareness and offers multiple grip points for repositioning and bed mobility.

Crook Handle Bed Stick

Provides multiple grip points to assist repositioning in bed, and safe entry and exit.

Larger Castor (125mm)

Larger castors raise the bed frame to a minimum clearance of 250mm facilitating patient lifter access.

Battery Backup

Provides peace of mind in the event of a power outage.

Split King Upgrade Kit

Ensures simultaneous Hi-Lo platform movement.

Partner Handset

Activ Care Bed simplified handset for clients with reduced cognitive ability.