Luxurious adjustable bed collection for an enhanced sleeping experience.

We believe that creating a supportive and luxurious sleep environment can significantly improve health and wellbeing.

Our ComfiMotion Collection is designed to blend seamlessly into the home Environment, whilst improving comfort and independence.

Supporting the modern, independent lifestyle.

The Activ Care bed combines the best of in–home care functionality, positioning and low height safety with luxurious and contemporary style for enhanced comfort, care and wellbeing. Companion Sleeping See Configurations section for more companion options. Function Style Support

Available in four sizes: Single, King Single, Double & Queen


  • Ultra Low Height: Minimum platform height of 195mm reduces falls risk, improving user safety.
  • Safe Working Load: A generous 250 kg sets this bed apart from the rest.
  • Customisable Safe Entry/Exit Height: Programmable single button press ensures perfect bed height to maximise independence.
  • Underbed Clearance: Provides clear access for patient lifters and overbed tables.
    Battery Backup: Provides confidence and maintains independence during power outages.
  • Night Assist: Luminous underbed halo for safe entry and exit.
  • Illuminated Handset: Large button interface is intuitive and highly visible at all times.
  • Massage: Relaxing vibration modes for personalised neck, shoulder and back relief.
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For comfort you deserve.

The Care Adjustable bed blends seamlessly into the home without compromising on the therapeutic needs of the user or safety of partners or carers. Select from multiple position options designed to maximise independent mobility and improve sleep quality.

– Make life easier with a ComfiMotion CARE bed.


  • Night Assist: Luminous underbed halo for safe entry and exit throughout the night.
  • Press and hold safety handset: Intuitive, large button interface enhances usability.
  • Enclosed frame design: Ensures optimal positioning when getting into bed and safely covers the moving base platform.
  • Safe-Lowering Technology: Ensures that back, leg and Hi-Lo functions only lower under the force of gravity reducing potential for accidents or injuries.
  • Box-on-box design facilitates easier entry and exit and allows true flush positioning of beds in companion or dual adjustable bed configurations.
  • German engineered motors for smooth, quiet adjustment.
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Engineered for Motion

Our ComfiMotion Pocket Spring and Memory Foam mattresses are designed with the flexibility to follow the contouring profile of an adjustable bed.

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Pocket Spring

The ComfiMotion Pocket Spring mattress offers zoned support springs that respond and contour to the individual body shape to improve comfort, maximising support and sleep quality.

Memory Foam

The ComfiMotion Memory Foam mattress contours to the users body, providing personalised comfort and transitional pressure relief. Integrated sidewalls increase roll resistance at the bed edge and assist users, partners or carers with extra rigidity to ease bed entry and exit.


for Companions

Whichever ComfiMotion package you select rest assured there is a companion  solution available to suit couples, partners and caregivers wishing to sleep alongside any ComfiMotion Adjustable bed.

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Dual Adjustable Beds

Matching single bed without any adjustability designed to sit flush when positioned together. It facilitates a side-by-side sleeping arrangement at a fixed height of 280mm, without compromising on the users care and assistance requirements.

Split King Upgrade Kit

Ensures simultaneous Hi–Lo platform movement whilst still allowing individual positioning requirements when beds are in partner configuration.

Fixed Companion Bed

Designed to sit flush when positioned together to enable close monitoring and enhanced care. This configuration offers the flexibility of independent adjustability, without compromising on the sense of inclusivity and intimacy between partners.

Headboards & Accessories

Style your ComfiMotion

A range of headboards and accessories to suit the individual user. The two headboard styles will sit well with various exisiting bedroom styles and furniture. The accessories are additional products that meet personal needs and requirements.

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Bed Rail

Improves bed edge awareness and offers multiple grip points for repositioning and bed mobility.

Crook Handle Bed Stick

Provides multiple grip points to assist repositioning in bed, and safe entry and exit.

Larger Castor (125mm)

Larger castors raise the bed frame to a minimum clearance of 250mm facilitating patient lifter access.

Battery Backup

Provides peace of mind in the event of a power outage.

Split King Upgrade Kit

Ensures simultaneous Hi-Lo platform movement.

Partner Handset

Activ Care Bed simplified handset for clients with reduced cognitive ability.